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Maximizing Returns while Managing Capital Preservation: Private Lending with Sandhills REH!

Sandhills Real Estate Holdings, LLC is a company that specializes in land acquisition, development, and disposition. In this blog post, we will explore the world of private lending, with a particular focus on a remarkable case study of one of our private lender who earned an annualized return of 87% on an $88,000 investment with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings. What sets this investment apart is that the principal and profit were returned within a mere 90 days, and the private lenders investment was protected by a Deed of Trust. This success story is not anecdotal, but rather a testament to the opportunities that private lending with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings can offer to experience investors seeking to maximize their returns while controlling downside risk.

Understanding Private Lending:

Private lending, in the context of real estate investments, offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in the real estate market without the challenges and hassles of direct property ownership. Unlike traditional real estate investments, private lending involves providing funding to real estate developers or investors, usually in the form of a loan. This approach allows investors to earn a fixed return on their investment while avoiding the direct responsibility of property management and ownership.

The Case Study: A Deep Dive into the 87% Annualized Return:

Our case study revolves around a private lender who invested $88,000 with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings. What makes this investment exceptional is the incredible annualized return of 87%. Let's delve into the specifics that made this success possible:

The $88,000 Investment: The private lender's $88,000 investment was carefully structured, with well-defined terms and conditions. The subject property was a 3 bed/2 bath ranch style home in Raeford, NC that required cosmetic updates. The property was purchased for $88,000, required $13,300 in rehab/repairs, and was re-sold for $146,000. The property was held for 90 days, and upon re-sale, the private lender received their initial $88,000 investment back plus $16,800 in interest/profit.

The Role of Deed of Trust: The investment's security was fortified by a deed of trust, which ensured that the private lender's monetary investment was protected. This security measure is an essential component of Sandhills Real Estate Holdings' private lending agreements.

Comparing Private Lending with Other Investment Options:

To truly appreciate the magnitude of the 87% annualized return, let's compare it to alternative investment options:

Stock Market Investments: While the stock market can offer significant returns, it is also characterized by high volatility and risk. Experienced investors understand the potential for significant losses, especially during market downturns. Annualized returns typically average 10-12%.

Bonds: Bonds are considered safer than stocks, but they typically provide lower returns. Annualized returns typically average 8-10%.

Direct Real Estate Ownership: Directly owning real estate can be lucrative, but it comes with substantial capital requirements and management responsibilities. Private lending offers a more hands-off approach with similar, if not superior, returns.

Liquidity Advantage: Private lending, in contrast to direct real estate ownership, provides an important advantage in terms of liquidity. Investors can access their capital more readily and quickly, as demonstrated by our case study's 90-day turnaround.

Why Private Lending with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings is a Superior Choice:

What specifically makes investing with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings, LLC a better choice for experienced investors?

Flexible Terms and Predictable Income: One of the standout features of private lending with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings is the amount of flexibility we provide our investors with regard to types of investments, length of loan, and loan amount. We want you to feel comfortable about what you are investing in, which is why we explain our strategy to add value and extract profit to each investor prior to loan commitment.

Protection from Market Fluctuations: In a world of market volatility, private lending offers a stable and consistent income stream. Unlike stocks, which can plunge dramatically in value, private lending returns remain relatively unaffected by market fluctuations.

Risk Management and Due Diligence:

A crucial aspect of successful private lending is thorough due diligence and risk management. Investors can have confidence in Sandhills Real Estate Holdings' commitment to minimizing risks and ensuring the security of our investments. Rigorous analysis and risk mitigation strategies are part of the company's core practices. We conduct extensive due diligence on every property that we acquire. Additionally, we never have only one exit strategy.


In the realm of real estate investments, private lending with Sandhills Real Estate Holdings stands out as a superior choice for experienced investors. The remarkable annualized return showcased in our case study, coupled with our demonstrated knowledge and experience, exemplifies the potential that private lending offers.

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